Our Vision

To improve the quality of life today and in the future by making sustainability a lifestyle for everyone

Our Story: Inception

iRecycle.world started as a pet project of Face of Port Harcourt City in 2017 that mobilized volunteers to sensitize communities on plastic pollution through clean-up exercises and advocacy campaigns. But the challenge was more than enlightenment. Communities needed a sustainable recyclables collection system to change their behavior around the improper disposal of harmful materials in the environment.

With funding from Afri-Plastics through Nesta Challenges, iRecycle.world was created as a service that will reduce environmental pollution by facilitating the collection of recyclable materials from the point of waste generation before the harmful materials are disposed of in the environment.

By making recyclables collection easy, convenient, and profitable for the waste producers, harmful materials will be diverted away from the environment and into the circular economy, thereby strengthening the recycling value chain, improving quality of life, and protecting the environment.