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About the Project

Our Annual Environmental Campaigns are a series of events designed to celebrate and protect our planet’s natural beauty and resources. These initiatives highlight significant environmental days throughout the year, such as Global Recycling Day, Earth Day, World Environment Day, and World Clean Up Day, engaging communities in activities that promote sustainability and environmental consciousness.

  • Host special events on environmental days to educate and inspire action.
  • Organize community activities like tree plantings, educational seminars, and recycling challenges.
  • Mobilize volunteers and partners for a wide-reaching impact.
  • Volunteer: Play a vital role in organizing and running our annual campaigns.
  • Partner: Align your brand with a global cause and increase your corporate social responsibility impact.
  • Donate: Provide the necessary funds to create large-scale, impactful environmental campaigns.

Upcoming Campaigns

Global Recycling Day Celebration

Coming Soon!!

Be a Part of Change

Join us as a volunteer and become an ambassador for sustainability in your community.

Earth Day Awareness Marathon

Coming Soon!!

Your business or organization can make a significant difference. Partner with us to co-host an event or campaign and showcase your commitment to the environment.

World Environment Day Community Fair

Coming Soon!!

Empower Our Campaigns

Your generosity helps us to keep these important dates on the calendar and our communities engaged in environmental protection.

World Clean Up Day Mega Event

Coming Soon!!

Invest in a greener future by donating to our educational programs. Your support helps us inspire the next generation of environmental champions.

  • Empowered over 500 Youth Ambassadors to take lead on sustainability projects.
  • Forged partnerships with 30+ educational institutions for program integration.
  • Launched 10+ community initiatives led by Youth Ambassadors.
Being a part of the World Clean Up Day organized by was an empowering experience. It’s incredible to see what we can accomplish together!
Victory Apkos

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