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Scaling Sustainability: Help Us Grow Our Collection Hub Network.

About the Project is on a mission to make recycling accessible to everyone, everywhere. Our Collection Hub Network Expansion project is central to this mission, aiming to broaden our reach by setting up more collection hubs in communities across the globe. These hubs serve as vital points for collecting recyclable materials and are the first step in a closed-loop recycling process.

  • Establish new collection hubs in underserved areas to improve recycling accessibility.
  • Work with local authorities and businesses to identify strategic locations for hub placement.
  • Equip hubs with the necessary infrastructure to efficiently manage and sort recyclables.
  • Volunteer: Assist with the on-ground setup and day-to-day operations of our collection hubs.
  • Partner: Provide a location, services, or infrastructure support to host a new hub.
  • Donate: Financial support is crucial for the establishment and maintenance of collection hubs.

Join the Expansion Effort

Community Hub Setup

Coming Soon!!

Volunteer for Impact

Be a part of our ground team making real environmental change. Help us operate and expand our network of collection hubs.

Corporate Hub Integration

Coming Soon!!

Partnership for Progress

Businesses and organizations have the power to accelerate our expansion. Offer your site as a new hub or sponsor the setup of a new location.

Neighborhood Recycling Program

Coming Soon!!

Fund the Future of Recycling

Your donations help us build out new hubs and ensure their successful operation. Donate today to support sustainable waste management.

  • 50+ hubs established in the last two years.
  • Tens of thousands of pounds of recyclables collected and processed.
  • Engagement with 100+ community leaders to promote recycling practices.
Our neighborhood collection hub has made recycling a simple part of our daily routine and brought our community together for a common cause.
Christabell Altraide

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