Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions to give you more information about and recycling your plastic waste. If you have other questions that you can’t find answers to, please use the contact us page.


    They are rewards accumulated by users of the iRecycle—world platform who sort and bag plastics for collection within the iRecycle Collection Network.

  • Separate and bag empty plastic bottles from other waste materials and hand them to the iRecycle Merchant in a drop-off location.

  • Separate and bag empty plastic bottles away from other waste materials and make them accessible to the iRecycle Merchant on your selected collection day and time at your location.

  • The iRecycle Drop-off Points are locations within a community where residents can drop their sorted plastic waste with an iRecycle Merchant for recycling.

  • An iRecycle Merchant is the representative who will receive, weigh, and record the quantity of sorted plastics at every pick-up or collection point within the community.

  • The referral bonus will be earned when the referred user signs up and recycles sorted plastics for the first time.

  • Referral points are rewards users receive when their referees have their sorted plastic collected.

  • Volunteer points are earned when users complete a volunteer task on

  • Points based on the impact of a user’s recycling progress and performance during a period. The value is a function of the weight of materials collected through the user’s profile on

  • The two ways to redeem reward points are to shop in an eco-friendly store, donate to free bins, or buy digital art.