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Locate and use our drop off points

The iRecycle Drop-off Points are locations within a community where residents can drop their sorted plastic waste with an iRecycle Merchant for recycling.

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Businesses can schedule free pickups

Businesses can separate and bag empty plastic bottles, make them accessible to the iRecycle Merchant on your selected collection day and time at your location for free pickup.

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Earn and redeem recycling rewards

Start earning and receive redeemable points for every Kilogram recycled using our web and mobile app, use the points to purchase items on our store.

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Personalized pickup schedule

Prioritize convenience by choosing your preferred pickup days and time range for collecting your bagged recyclables.

Emissions free collection system

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by having all your recyclables collected and transported with our 100% electric vehicles.

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We are growing a community of global leaders that inspire change by promoting environmental education, intervention projects, and skill development for a greener economy.

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