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About the Project

The Youth Ambassador Program by is our commitment to nurturing the next generation of environmental champions. This initiative empowers young minds to lead the way in sustainability, equipping them with knowledge, resources, and a platform to influence positive change within their communities and beyond.

  • Train and mentor youth ambassadors to become informed advocates for recycling and sustainability.
  • Create opportunities for hands-on experience through internships and community projects.
  • Collaborate with schools and educational institutions to integrate sustainability practices into curricula.
  • Volunteer: Share your passion and expertise by mentoring ambitious young individuals on their journey to becoming sustainability leaders.
  • Partner: Join us in shaping a greener future by offering internships, educational resources, or your professional expertise to enrich the program.
  • Donate: Support the growth and development of the Youth Ambassador Program by funding scholarships and essential educational materials.

Join the Mentorship Movement

Leadership Workshops for Young Environmentalists

Coming Soon!!

Corporate and Academic Partnerships

We believe in the power of collaboration to offer real-world experiences. Partner with us to provide internships, workshops, and resources that complement academic learning with practical environmental action

Sustainability Internship Fair

Coming Soon!!

Guide the Next Wave of Eco-Warriors

If you’re inspired to make a lasting impact, mentorship is a powerful way to contribute. Help guide our Youth Ambassadors to become the change-makers of tomorrow

Community Engagement Challenge for Youth

Coming Soon!!

Invest in Future Leaders

Your contributions fund scholarships, training sessions, and supply the resources our youth need to thrive as eco-leaders.

  • Thousands of participants each year.
  • Meaningful partnerships with over 100 local and international organizations.
  • Significant media coverage, amplifying our message for a cleaner, greener world.
I've seen firsthand how the Youth Ambassador Program inspires and equips young people to take real action. Their passion for the environment gives me hope for the future
Fitzroy Meyer

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